Stereo Preamplifier

The SP1000 preamp design combines minimalist design with extremely convincing audio performance.
The great work that led to the creation of this device was mostly directed to the power supply section; the preamplifier is never connected to the mains during its operation, this completely eliminates the possible interactions between the mains frequency (and its harmonics) and the musical message.
To achieve this we use the so-called โ€œsupercapacitorsโ€œ which have been available on the market for some years and which have very similar characteristics to common batteries while having numerous advantages over them.


Advantages of their application

The capacitors can completely discharge without suffering any damage and during charging they do not emit any type of gas or exhalation of any kind.
Charging time of a supercapacitor could in theory be almost zero but for reasons related to the charging current (a discharged capacitor is a short circuit) it is lengthened to allow reasonable values โ€‹โ€‹of the current itself.

Our preamplifier charges from scratch in about 50 minutes and guarantees a continuous operation for at least six hours. When the discharge LED lights up (indicating the need of a charge), the preamplifier can be turned off and it automatically starts charging;
after about one minute it can be used for another hour (or two minutes for two hours) while a complete recharge will take only 15 - 20 minutes.
The use of supercapacitors also eliminates all problems related to the life of the batteries as well as their charging method.

From a sonic point of view, this preamp guarantees an extremely detailed, transparent and dynamic sound.
It is advisable to use with high or very high quality sources so that they can sound their best especially with regard to dynamics and detail.
The preamplifier in fact does not add or subtract anything to the sound of the source so a mediocre recording will result in a mediocre sound.
The preamplifier is entirely built in black anodized aluminum with a 10mm thick front panel.

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20-20.000 Hz. +/- 0.3 db
  • SLEW RATE: >100V/uS
  • GAIN: 20 db
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY: 100 mV on all inputs
  • NUMBER OF INPUTS: 6 RCA and 1 BALANCED XLR (input 6 could be both balanced or single ended)