Serie HA

Power Amplifiers

Series of class D Hi-Fi stereo power amplifiers available in various powers. The amplifiers use OEM modules from the best brands on the market.
Amplification in class D (or PWM) is now mature and universally recognized as well sounding; in particular, the detail and dynamics that distinguish this technology together with an extremely contained distortion should be noted.
Given the high operating efficiency, this technology allows the construction of very light and small devices compared to the output power involved.

Our flagship model, while sharing the same chassis as the smaller models, delivers 500 + 500W continuous power into 4 ohms.
The use of switching power supply circuits (SMPS) also allows to drastically reduce the interactions of the mains frequency (and its harmonics) with the music signal.
The power amplifier is entirely built in black anodized aluminum with a 10mm thick front panel.

  • HA75D 75+75 Watt RMS 8 ohom - 125+125 Watt RMS 4 ohm
  • HA150D 150+150 Watt RMS 8 ohm - 250+250 Watt 4 ohm
  • HA350D 350+350 Watt RMS 8 ohm - 500+500 Watt 4 ohm