About Us

SOTU is a new brand that places itself in the Hi-Fi and professional audio landscape.
Our intent is to offer highly innovative products with sonic performances at the highest levels.

Our products are entirely designed in-house and manually built one by one. Our production is aimed at both the domestic Hi-Fi market and the professional market.
It is our firm belief that even in the professional sector there must exist an offer for equipment with very high fidelity audio.
Our line of professional amplifiers could easily be used in home Hi-Fi as well.

Our devices have technical characteristics of absolute importance and when listening they demonstrate their great ability in sound reproduction.
These results have been obtained by giving design prominence to some features that have nowadays taken second place, namely the speed of the devices (from which the dynamic capacity of the system derives) and the care in the design of the power supply sections (responsible for transparency and placement of the low and mid-low range).

A line of integrated amplifiers and a turntable preamplifier (RIAA) with unique features will follow shortly.

Stay tuned!